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Due to Covid, there was a need to get these tutorials done quickly. There will therefore be plenty of typos and strings of words which do not quite meet the golden standard of what we call sentences.

To get started quickly, only view the bold tutorials.

Viewer Documentation

Run the program
Change the viewer's appearance, and add your own images
Configure the viewer
Control the viewer
 Log user actions
 Get information about a client's system
Create windowing and shaders
Get updates from the viewer

Page Creation Documentation

Getting Familiar with the Structure
Make a simple form
Form Validation
Randomize your trial order
Submit data to the server

Data Collection Documentation

Alternate trial order
Parse user data


Use a third party form manager if PHP is unavailable


Alignment and Colors (CSS)
Add a Ruler
Reward success with an animation


Remove Unnecessary Work
Put your study online


Be aware that some features aren't covered in the videos. Also, individual sections above tend to have a direct link to their accompanying video.

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