Getting a participant's data.

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If you are relying on a third party form manager like formsubmit, the sending data portion of this tutorial will not be completely relevant for you, but do it anyway (we will build off of it). Also, the other post-submission bits are still the same no matter how you get your data.

First, make sure you have:

(as of June 2020)

You will learn:

  1. How to package data for transmission
  2. How to handle errors in transmission
  3. How to warn users of unsaved data
  4. How to make a better debriefing page

For these code heavy tutorials, it is recommended to full screen the video and watch at 720p


The changed files for this step can be found here.

Proceed to learn how to use your server to alternate between trial orders, or force one user into a specific trial order.
Proceed to learn how to use a third party form manager (required if you have a static web host which can't handle php, but not recommended otherwise).