Submitting your data through a third party.

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This step is only recommended if your preferred web host doesn't support PHP. Otherwise, use the php tutorials to get better control of your experiment, as well as more data from the user (there is also a concern that a third party service will inject some instability in your experiment by change its pricing plans, or quietly going out of business).

First, make sure you have:

(as of June 2020)

You will learn:

  1. How to set up your page to work with a third party form manager.

Because you are using a third party server to handle your data, you can do very little server side validation. Therefore you should never auto pay your participants on completion.

You may come across tutorials which hack up a google form for use in their experiment, don't. To the best of my knowledge google has changed the layout of their forms in a way which makes this more difficult, and even if you work around it, they can change the names of their inputs which could lose data, as well as require you to completely rename everything in your experiment.

For these code heavy tutorials, it is recommended to full screen the video and watch at 720p


The changed files for this step can be found here.
  1. Because the ajax solution was so simple, it is not included in the above files.
  2. In case it isn't clear, the fake ajax we try in the later portions of the tutorial can't guarentee data was processed. We are only guessing that data was submitted.

Proceed for a checklist to prepare your files for distribution.