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First, make sure you have:

(as of June 2020)

You will learn:

  1. Find a host
  2. Whether or not you should secure your site
  3. How to upload your experiment to your new host
  4. Tips on sharing your experiment

Things to consider when choosing a host:
  • Consider whether or not you want a secure site
    • Links to secure sites are less likey to be considered spam, so extra care would have to be taken if emailing links to your study (especially if you use a free subdomain).
    • There is no free option for a secure host which uses php. However if you are using formspree or something which allows for static webpages you may be able to use a popular web builder site (however it would have to suport JavaScript).
    • Hopefully your university provides you with webspace. Some don't, and they know who they are, and you should definitely shame them for it. It's not the 90's.
  • How fast is the host?
    • If using free hosts, you should try multiple hosts and just see which ones allow faster downloads.
    • Be aware that people sometimes use free hosts to serve files, so these hosts throttle download speeds.
    • Look at what the host offers, they will fight against users treating their servers as file servers.
      • If their disk quota is low, that is probably a technique to fight against bad actors and they might be less likely to throttle.

In the video I mention needing PHP. If you are using a third party to forward you the data then you can ignore that requirement.

For these code heavy tutorials, it is recommended to full screen the video and watch at 720p